This is what clients love to say about coaching with me

My systemic constellation session with Anna brought so much clarity and wisdom into a family system that I was carrying for decades. It was healing, liberating  and gounded me more into my power.
Each soul on this Earth, once ready, it’s in  a service of healing, one self, and all others. Ones are in service through music, others through cooking, dancing, story telling, and so on. The magic is the process of discovery in itself and then the offering, once ready, brings all this magic through manifestation to all others that the soul encounters and touches.
Anna‘s magic is family constellations. One can feel it only when hearing her speak about her mission.
Anna is healing through her work and I feel privileged and grateful for witnessing her magic growing in the last couple of years and moreover receiving myself her gift.
I can only recommend her to anyone who is in a search for answers on their on path of magic discovery. Thank you Anna!
Illeana Muti

Sacred feminine leadership mentor

I have experienced a few official coaching sessions with Anna and many informal feedback sessions.

Anna made me feel very much at ease, I felt heard and understood and worthy of the session– regardless of what challenge I wanted to discuss.,

In my experience I really appreciated the balance and pace of the session. They were well structured and allowed time for more deep reflection as well as actively working on solutions. Anna is certainly action focused and her energy is contagious, her determination and logical approach always made me feel like I could tackle and improve on any situation that I put my mind to.


Program Manager

Thank you so much for the wonderful session. It was a really enjoyable experience and I am really happy with the outcome.
One of the very new directions that you guided me into thinking was to think of new creative positions such as 10% writing etc. This is something very cool to realise actually that jobs need not be exactly fitting in boxes and are more flexible entities that can be negotiated and created accordingly. I will really keep this in mind as I consider my options.
I will also work on other major points we talked about and keep you posted on my progress.
Thank you again!
M. A.

Project Manager

“I loved being coached by Anna. She helped me get to the bottom of things, so that I understood what was happening and how I could move forward. She listens and makes me feel she understands what I’m going through. I’m planning to carry on my coaching sessions with Anna for the months ahead.
S. C.

Process Manager

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