🤷‍♀️ I am sorry to tell you there is not a truly one fits all for work life balance.
There is not that one way that makes work life balance truly perfect for everyone.

⚖ Work life balance is not something that can be followed according to a recipe that works for everyone. It really depends on the ingredients.

👍 Sure there are things that everyone can look at – like lifestyle, setting boundaries, identifying your goals.

❓ However there are individual elements that need to be considered.

🦄 For example, how do you define Work life balance?

🥗 It varies widely from person to person. When you go deeper than just eating salad, going to the spa and do regular sports…

👁 When you really think about it, you most likely have a slightly different definition and expectation to the person next to you.

This makes it so complex, and this makes it sometimes so hard to identify the balance you need even though you are doing all the “right” things.

🤔 And you know all the good things that you should do, just something in the execution is holding you back. And you cannot explain why…

😎 That is where I as a coach come in and help you to take the next step, the clarity you need to have a great balance.

➡ So, tell me, what is your definition of work life balance?
What are you looking for to be happy with your life overall?

I am curious to find out, let us know in the comments below.

“Know who you are, be who you are”

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