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 Hi, I am Anna

I am dedicated to supporting business owners and professionals – yes, even those currently employed – in overcoming obstacles through the transformative power of systemic constellation coaching. My mission is clear: to help you build a robust business strategy that not only breeds success but fosters genuine happiness in your professional endeavors.

I thrive in the face of challenges, particularly when things aren’t running smoothly, and change is imminent. When complexities arise, I don’t shy away; instead, I revel in going back to basics, addressing the root cause, and nurturing an environment where businesses can truly flourish.

I am unwaveringly committed to the well-being of my clients, and I wholeheartedly believe that simplicity is the key to unlocking progress. My disdain for coaches who prioritize financial gains over client benefits drives my dedication to providing genuine support.

I hold a steadfast belief in the inherent perfection of every individual, particularly women, each contributing something unique to the professional landscape. Throughout my personal and professional journey, I’ve confronted perceived weaknesses, transforming them into strengths. Whether it was overcoming notions of lacking ambition or being too focused on harmony, my experiences have shaped my empathetic and empowering coaching style.

As a business coach, I find fulfillment in the fusion of business acumen, strategic thinking, and coaching principles. My vision is to empower female entrepreneurs, liberating them from energetic constraints and generational heritage that may hinder their success.

My goal is to extend my reach, educating individuals on the profound benefits of authentic coaching while shedding light on the pitfalls of less genuine practices. Together, let’s embrace the true essence of coaching, make informed choices, and embark on a journey toward success unencumbered by limiting constellations.

Join me in rewriting the narrative, celebrating authenticity, and crafting a path to success that is uniquely yours.

My Values & Beliefs


I deeply believe in the inherent potential of every individual and team. I am committed to empowering my clients to tap into their own wisdom, strengths, and resources, enabling them to create positive change and achieve their goals.


Authenticity is at the core of my coaching approach. I value and encourage open, honest, and genuine communication. By embracing authenticity, we can foster deep connections, trust, and transformational growth.

Systemic Awareness

I recognize the profound impact of systems and relationships on individuals and organizations. With a systemic lens, I help my clients uncover hidden dynamics, explore interconnectedness, and create harmonious and sustainable outcomes.

Continuous Learning and Growth

I believe in the power of lifelong learning and personal growth. I am dedicated to continuously expanding my knowledge and skills to provide the best support to my clients. By staying curious and open-minded, I strive to stay at the forefront of coaching methodologies and bring fresh perspectives to our work together.

Diversity and Inclusion

I am deeply committed to embracing and celebrating diversity in all its forms. I believe that every individual brings unique perspectives, experiences, and strengths to the table. I foster an inclusive and non-judgmental space where diversity is valued, allowing for richer insights and a broader range of possibilities to emerge.

Ethical Practice

Maintaining the highest ethical standards is of utmost importance to me as a systemic coach. I adhere to professional codes of conduct and confidentiality to ensure the well-being and privacy of my clients. I approach coaching with integrity, honesty, and respect, prioritizing the best interests of my clients and their systems in every interaction.

“Know who you are, be who you are.”

My Approach

In my coaching practice, I embark on a transformative journey where business strategy converges with the profound insights of systemic constellations. Rooted in the principles of systemic constellations, I create a safe and non-judgmental space, empowering clients to explore their challenges and discover new possibilities.

Business Strategy Coaching: I take a holistic approach to business strategy coaching, weaving in the methodology of systemic constellations. This unique blend allows us to unravel hidden dynamics within your business, paving the way for innovative solutions. Together, we navigate the intricacies of the business landscape, tailoring strategies to your individual needs.

Systemic Constellations for the Business: With a focus on systemic constellations, we delve deep into the interconnected relationships shaping your organization. This approach provides profound insights, allowing us to understand the root causes of challenges and strategically realign your business for success.

Coaching for Empowerment: Recognizing that you are the expert in your own journey, I maintain a client-centered focus. By addressing the whole person and fostering a co-creative partnership, we take action steps towards meaningful change and sustainable growth. Together, we embark on a transformative journey towards personal and professional fulfillment.

Accountability for Results: Success is a collaborative effort. Through unwavering accountability, we ensure that your goals are not only set but achieved. With a focus on personal and professional fulfillment, we take strides towards sustained success, fostering resilience, innovation, and adaptability.

Join me on a unique journey where business strategy, systemic constellations, coaching, and accountability converge to propel your entrepreneurial endeavors towards unparalleled success.

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