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Personal Life Coaching

Individualized support for personal growth and achieving life goals.

Coaching in Business

Guidance for professionals to enhance skills, leadership, and organizational success. 

What Is Systemic Coaching?

Systemic life coaching is an approach that focuses on understanding and transforming the interconnected systems that influence an individual’s life. It examines relationships, environments, beliefs, and patterns to facilitate personal growth and create sustainable change, empowering individuals to thrive holistically and reach their full potential.

Who Is Systemic Coaching For?

Systemic coaching is beneficial for individuals who seek a comprehensive and holistic approach to personal development. It is suitable for anyone looking to explore and transform the interconnected aspects of their life, including relationships, career, health, and well-being. Systemic coaching is valuable for those who desire sustainable change and improved overall life satisfaction.





About Anna

I have several years of experience in coaching and training individuals and teams in large companies as well as entrepreneurs. I support people in gaining more clarity about who they are as individuals and as part of a group.

I use use a systematic, holistic approach to guide my clients on the path to life balance. My focus is on seeing and supporting the whole person to achieve long-term, sustainable change. Resilience and mental health is an important part of the support I give my clients.

In my coaching sessions, I support embracing change, understanding environmental dynamics, identifying dissatisfaction, increasing resilience, setting new goals and successfully achieving them.
My goal is for people to be happy and balanced in the long term. Learned protective mechanisms often influence our reactions and feelings. Therefore, it is important to know and understand oneself in order to be successful and resilient in the fast changing VUKA world.
With many years of experience in international work environments and process optimization, I combine coaching and mentoring to empower my clients and make them successful in the working world. My holistic approach ensures that all aspects of clients’ lives are considered to achieve long-term and sustainable change.

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